Friday, September 2, 2016

Twitter Shortcuts Must Know

Twitter is the second most used social networking website after Facebook with lots of unique visitors each month. Huge Number! also you too have an account on (Twitter) and if not an active user you must be reading tweets, posting new tweets or re-tweet or favorites etc at least once every day. Despite of your daily tour to twitter, am sure many of you are not aware of keyboard short-cuts that can actually save tons of your time which can be used for other productive work.

These keyboard shortcuts are not discovered but, are actually listed on the main site of Twitter. Follow the below steps to check the shortcuts listed on your twitter home page.

Step 1 – Login to your twitter account. Step 2 – Scroll to the top right corner of the page and click on your profile image. Step 3 – From the drop down select “Keyboard shortcuts” and you we see the short cut window as featured below.

Twitter shortcuts for various twitter actions

1. n “create a new tweet”
You can compose a new tweet by just clicking that letter ‘n’. No playing with the mouse. Just click ‘n’ and start writing.

2. r “Reply”
If you want to reply to a tweet, just click r. A word of caution, you have to first select the tweet in order to revert. As other shortcuts, it does not work on Home screen.
Quite obvious! how can you reply while at the home screen.

3. f “Favorite”
Favorite a tweet is although simple by mouse click, still in case your mouse isn’t functional, use ‘f’ to favorite any tweet but, do select it using J-k as ‘f’ also does not function on home page.

4. t “Re-tweet”
Press ‘t’ and you are done wit re-tweeting. Same as ‘f’ and ‘r’, you first have to select the tweet in order to re-tweet, quit logical! isn’t it..

5. u “Mute user”
There is always if not more, 1 user who’s tweet we cannot withstand. Your best pick in this situation is the key “u”. Go to the users’s profile or select the tweet and press “u”.

6. b “block user”
As you mute the user, you also have an option to block the user. Try it yourself.

7. m “Direct message”
Send direct message to any one on your list by pressing ‘m’. Simple and Direct!

8. Enter “open tweet details”
Hit enter while navigating through different tweets in order to open them.

9. l “close all open tweets”
”l’ in twitter stands for closing all the open tweets. Press ‘l’ and close all the opened tweets at once. Big time saver!

  10. / “Search”
Pressing /”Forward slash key ” take you to the search dialog box on the top right corner of the page where you can enter your query.

11. Ctrl+Enter “Send tweet”
We generally use Enter key to send emails, messages etc but, the same isn’t true in case of twitter. Hitting Enter will only lead you to next line nothing else. So club ‘Ctrl’ key with ‘Enter’ in order to post your tweet.

Navigation twitter shortcuts

12. k “traverse to previous tweet”
The letter ‘k’ will allow you to go to previous tweet.

13. j “traverse to next tweet”
Similar to ‘k’, ‘j’ allow you to move to next tweet. K- J back and forth

14. ? “shortcut key Menu”
If you are unable to memorize all the shortcut keys listed in this post, its not a big deal just remember to press “?” key and shortcut key page will be opened on your screen.

15. Spacebar “page down”
Give rest to the mouse wheel, instead press space-bar to scroll your twitter page down.

16. “.” load new tweets
Whenever you see a message “45 new tweets” “100 new tweets”, no need to drag all the way to the top of the page, just press “.” and full-stop that counter.

Timelines shortcuts

17. g+h “Home”
Press ‘g’ followed by ‘h’ and go to your homepage.

18. g+n “notifications”
Press ‘g’ followed by ‘n’ and open the notification page at a wink.

19. g+r “mentions”
Wanna know who all are talking about you? Hit ‘g’+’r’.

20. g+p “profile”
Open your own profile and make all those much awaited changes by pressing ‘g’ and then ‘p’.

21. g+f “Favorite”
Check what all tweets you have favorite by pressing ‘g’ followed by ‘f’.

22. g+l “list”
Check the lists being created by you through this “g+l” shortcut and save your precious time.

23. g+m “messages”
Check all your messages quickly by pressing ‘g’ then ‘m’.

24. g+s “settings”
Press ‘g’ followed by ‘s’ and bypass that drop down menu.

25. g+u “go to user profile”
Searching a specific person through twitter search bar is such a waste of time, rather press g then u and type twitter handle.
This list of keyboard short-cuts would definitely save you a lot of time and still spend much more on Twitter. Let us know which one’s you use more frequently.


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